Through many of our divisions we are able to conduct site surveys to identify, document, and evaluate the level of cathodic protection on metallic structures in soil, water, concrete, and other corrosive electrolytes. Our engineers are NACE certified and qualified to undertake the many different types of surveys necessary to accurately assess the level of corrosion protection achieved due to application of cathodic protection. We use the most sophisticated equipment in the industry for our surveys. Typical engineering surveys include close interval surveys, routine operation and maintenance monitoring surveys, failure analysis, cathodic protection system troubleshooting, interference testing, and cathodic protection system startups.

Track-to-Earth Resistance Survey

Stray Current Interference Survey

Underground pipeline current mapping

Commissioning and Certification Survey

Soil corrosivity survey

Potential profiles (annual & close interval surveys)

Resistivity profile (soil & water)

Pipe-to-soil Potential Survey