Test & Maintain

To mitigate corrosion, ICC conducts site surveys to identify, document and evaluate the level of cathodic protection on metallic structures in soil, water, concrete and other corrosive-electrolytes. Our engineers are NACE-certified and qualified to undertake the many different types of surveys necessary to accurately assess the level of corrosion protection achieved due to the application of cathodic protection. ICC is familiar with industry regulations and how cathodic protection systems interact with structures in many different industries and settings as governed by American Petroleum Institute, American Water Works Association, and the Department of Transportation.

ICC utilizes our experience and industry knowledge to provide technical assessments including:

  • Close interval surveys
  • Routine corrosion monitoring surveys
  • Failure analysis
  • Commissioning and certification surveys
  • Stray current interference surveys
  • Troubleshooting cathodic protection systems
  • Track-to-earth resistance surveys
  • Corrosivity surveys

Conduct Site Surveys

Close Interval Surveys

Routine Corrosion Monitoring Survey

Stray Current Interference Survey

Track to Earth Resistance Survey

Program Management

Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis


Comprehensive inspection profiles provide owners and operators with an unbiased insight into the condition of their asset; allowing them to focus remediation efforts where they are needed the most to ensure employee safety and control repair expenditures.

Integrated Corrosion Companies has developed an advanced set of risk-based inspection protocols; each tailorable to meet the standards and criteria set forth by the client.

  • Each member of ICC’s offshore inspection team is a NACE-certified corrosion technician with many years of offshore experience.
  • Each inspector is NACE CP level-2 certified, and has completed the NACE OCAT, PEC SafeGulf/Land and a multitude of industry or site specific training.