Integrated Corrosion Companies Value Roadmap

Our Mission
Make our customer's business less complex and more cost effective.

Our Strategy
Quality is our integrity
Lean Supply Chain Network
We believe in delivering exceptional customer service
Strong collaborative relationship and transparency with our supply chain partners is the key to our success
Employees are our greatest asset

Our Operations
Delivering Customer - Defined Quality. We strive to achieve "zero defect" in our services by making Quality management processes (QP, QA, QC) our integral part.
Adopted best practices of Lean Six Sigma methodologies to make value added services our core competency.
We ensure mixture of best possible practices to deliver fast accurately, safely and reliably, so our customer can focus solely on to their core competencies.
Building strong relationship with our suppliers to understand their "available to promise" inventory and capacity.
Prepare for extra capacity to absorb demand peaks without affecting customers expectation.
Focus our efforts in efficient distribution & inventory management by keeping customer's requirements in mind.