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NACE-Certified Professional Engineers and Technicians

Integrated Corrosion Companies strives to provide simplified, straightforward corrosion prevention solutions for existing offshore and marine structures. With decades of experience, we are able to offer an array of galvanic and impressed current options that will one day become the standard for the multitude of corrosion issues experienced in today's marine environments.

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Wide range of services include


Anodic Protection Services

Anodic protection depends upon the formation of a passive film on a metal immersed in an electrolyte by the application of a positive potential to the metal. The passive state is defined as a state of increased corrosion resistance of metals and alloys through anodic polarization.


System Engineering and Design

Our focus is to engineer and design the most advanced cathodic protection systems that will result in the reduction of costs in less cost-efficient aspects of a project. If the project requires something that will not fit into our standard products, we have the engineers and staff to produce suitable products.


Depth of Cover Surveys

BSEE has regulated the industry and requires our clients to perform Depth of Cover surveys every 5 years. ICC uses sub bottom profilers, mag scanners, and side scan sonar to produce the necessary reports complete with mapping, scans, and all the needed information, providing our clients with a solid, visual report.


Offshore Corrosion Inspections

Each member of our offshore inspection team is a NACE-certified corrosion technician with many years of offshore experience. Each inspector is NACE CP Level-2 certified, and has completed the NACE OCAT, PEC SafeGulf/Land, and a multitude of industry or site specific training.

Highest quality materials that meet your project specifications

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Our ICCP systems are Plug and Play, meaning that cables to the surface may be installed after Anode has been lowered to the sea floor. Cable management becomes much easier when the large weighted anode is not attached during descent. We produce package systems ranging from 20 to 400 amps continuous and customizable to any current level and application.

Galvanic Systems

A typical galvanic system will consist of a four anode skid, designed in various configurations depending on what our engineers calculate to give the most output to protect the asset better and longer. We have the experience and capabilities to make skids as BIG and as unique as necessary to give our clients what is truly wanted and needed for their asset protection.

Graboid® and Shark Clamp

Shark Clamp is welded to the structure to support cable and continuity and has a continuous holding capacity of 5,000 pounds. Graboid Clamps come in three main sizes. Each is adjustable in size to fit a large range of pipe diameters. All of these clamps can be tailored to suit any situation. These clamps can be installed by diver or ROV and also have above water applications.

Vampiro® and Box Clamp

The Vampiro® is a flange and beam clamp which is custom designed for tight spaces. Our Vampiro® Clamp comes in two models, subsea and land, and are customizable for any size range. The Box Clamp was designed specifically for a client and has been installed in waters 2000 feet deep. The Box Clamp is designed to fit square, rectangular, or flat members.

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