About Us

Brance-Krachy Co. was founded in 1925 to help electrify the oilfields in Texas. In 1932, the company incorporated and began distributing motors and controls. Brance-Krachy Co. started manufacturing wind-powered rectifiers in 1935 and was the longest standing manufacturer of cathodic protection in the USA.

In 2015, Brance-Krachy Co. transitioned to a new, more comprehensive entity -- Integrated Corrosion Companies.

Our commitment to quality service and products continues while expanding our range of capabilities from inception to completion of corrosion prevention and protection projects.

Our new corporate identity, the circle, is a symbol of continuity and stability which represents our longevity.

  • The stainless steel represents the significance and durability of our customers' assets.
  • The color green expresses the high value of these assets and our commitment to protecting them, as well as our relentless efforts to be an environmentally-friendly corporate citizen.