Air Cooled

Our wall mounted or pole mounted, convection air-cooled rectifiers are powered by dual AC input voltages of 120/240 or 240/480 volts, and with the quality and durability of heavy duty transformers, 20% capacity over-design, and JA Electronics’ industry-leading design. Also standard are silicon modular diode rectifier bridges, with AC and DC zinc oxide varistor (ZNR) surge protection. Options include variac output control and meter switches, thermal or fully-magnetic circuit breakers, and 115-volt convenience outlets.

Oil Cooled

Enclosed in a rugged non-classified or explosion-proof tank, these oil-immersed durable cathodic protection rectifiers are constructed with lifting eyes, with a lockable, hinged top, and with fins for added cooling and strength. Separate transformer and stack rack assemblies are provided for easy removal and servicing. The construction of the explosion proof housing option is classified for use in areas with flammable vapors. Single or three-phase input available. Cooled by oil and by radiating fins, your corrosion prevention rectifier will be protected by thermal or magnetic circuit breakers. Custom oil cooled rectifiers are classified by enclosure.