When a project’s pipeline must insulated electrically through a casing pipe, casing insulators are used as a support. Typical applications for insulated casings include transportation crossings for rivers, bridges, canals, and railways. It is recommended that casing insulators are installed every 6-8 feet.


In order to prevent corrosion on water piping where metals are different from each other, insulation couping can provide the proper CP from electrolysis. Insulating couplings conjoin pipes at any point and are lined with non-conductive material to provide a seamless bridge between pipelines.

Flange Kit

Flanges can be a common problem area, needing to be sealed properly in order to prevent leaks. Flanges must also be isolated to prevent current strays that can cause corrosion of metals. Luckily, this is a fairly simple problem to fix with the help of flange kits, providing all the parts you need to repair a damaged flange seal, and maintain healthy pipelines.

Ground Joint

Ground joints are an ideal option for projects that need an extra wide seating surface. Features include precision tapers and threading, as well as a heavy shoulder on swiveling end.


A flat faced type of union, the O-Ring seal is confined, providing a one-piece construction in order to prevent corrosion. The shoulder on swivel end is heavy duty and created with precision threading.