Avoid problems like rust, deterioration, and damage from damp environments. By coating your projects with a layer of high performance mastic, you can prevent disbondment on your structures. Mastic is a low cost option with quick application which works to save you money on both materials and labor.


Although paint is often seen as an aesthetic choice, it is also a key component in providing quality cathodic protection. A single layer of paint acts as the first defense against degradation caused by rust,oil, bacteria and other harmful factors to your structure. Paint can be a quick and easy option that may be repeated to maintain and add extra protection for your projects.


Puttys are typically used in reparation when a project has already been compromised. Industrial putty’s versatility makes it a great option for patching up anything made of metal, wood, ceramic, glass and plastic. It is useful for filling any holes or leaks and can even be used in wet environments.


Tape is another option for sealing cracks or leaks that is easy-to-adhere and useful as either a temporary or permanent solution. Resistant to water, acid, salt, soil and high temperatures, tape is a clean, pliable material that can be used to wrap pipes or patch up projects.


Wraps provide a thin layer that prevents corrosion due to friction around casings near seals. Alternately, larger outer wraps are also useful around pipelines and can be used in conjunction with a layer of paint to protect your structures. Wraps are particularly useful against soil conditions.