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Martin Flexible Couplings

Martin flexible couplings feature long life, torsional flexibility, ease of installation, and tolerance to misalignment and vibration.

Model BK Part Number Product Name+ Price Add To Cart
10S X 1-1/2 QF 8000805 10S x 1-1/2 Quadra Flex Flange  
06MA10SX65MM 8000809 10S x 65mm Quadra-Flex Hub  
11HS 8000827 11HS Molded Hytrel Sleeve  
12SX65MM 8000862 12S X 65mm D-Flange  
12SX75MM 8000863 12S X 75mm Coupling  
16E 8000889 16E Sleeve  
4012X1/2 8000952 4012 X 1/2 Coupling  
5EM SLEEVE 8001037 5EM Sleeve  
6HS SLEEVE 8005417 6HS Sleeve  
7SX38MM 8001188 7S x 38mm Flange  
8S-1-1/2-QF 8001211 8S x 1-1/2 Quadra Flex Flange  
8SX42MM 8001212 8S x 42mm Flange  
9S-MPB-HUB 8001232 9S MPB Hub  
9S-1-1/4-QF 8001234 9S x 1-1/4 Quadra Flex Flange  
9S-1-1/8-QF 8001235 9S x 1-1/8 Quadra Flex Flange  
9S-2-3/4-QF 8001238 9S x 2-3/4 Quadra-Flex flange  
9H-SLEEVE 8001230 Martin Quadra-Flex 9H Hytrel Sleeve  
10HS 8000804 Quadra Flex - 10HS Elements - HS Series Hytrel; 2-piece  
6JEMS 8005429 Quadra Flex - 6JEMS Elements - JEMS Series TPR - 1-Piece Split  
7HS 8001185 Quadra Flex - 7HS Elements HS Series Hytrel - 2-Piece