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Cathodic Protection & Power Transmission Products Manufacturer & Distributor

Integrated Corrosion Companies: Quality and Service Worldwide since 1932 Cathodic Protection: aluminum anodes, magnesium anodes, zinc anodes, junction box

About Integrated Corrosion Companies

Cathodic protection & power transmission products manufacturer and distributor, Integrated Corrosion Companies Company, was established in 1932. Headquartered in Houston, Texas with branch offices and warehouses providing power transmission and cathodic protection solutions. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in service, quality, and product selection.


Customers turn to Integrated Corrosion Companies for high-quality, dependable power transmission and cathodic equipment and supplies. They know they can count on world-class products and support founded on a total of more than 260 years of technical expertise in domestic and international markets, and on Integrated Corrosion Companies’s global reputation for excellence.


Integrated Corrosion Companies’s quality is the key to reliable performance. Our comprehensive management system demands rigorous testing, firm control and full traceability. From initial inquiry through the purchasing and fabrication processes, every order we handle carries our reputation with it. We continue to improve the level of quality and service to our customers.

Cathodic Protection Solutions

We fulfill the cathodic protection needs of customers worldwide with insulation, coating material, rectifiers, instruments, impressed current and galvanic anodes, test stations, and cable. Our cathodic protection product lines include zinc anodes, magnesium anodes, aluminum anodes, backfill material, junction boxes, test stations and rectifiers.


We support our customers through innovative and flexible purchasing and stocking programs designed to their requirements. Wherever and whenever the need arises, Integrated Corrosion Companies customers can depend on our strategically located stocking centers for rapid, customized response.

Power Transmission: AC Motors, bearings, Dodge couplings, Falk couplings, roller chain, V-Belt sheaves


We provide power transmission equipment from over 100 leading manufacturers to the industrial community. Contact us to get your power transmission project moving!

Our power transmission product lines include Kevlar belts, AC Motors, bearings, V-Belt sheaves, roller chain, sprockets, oilfield mud pumps, gearbox repair, Falk couplings, and Dodge couplings.

Lower Total Cost

  • Accurate on-time delivery
  • Flexible programs
  • Responsive service
  • Innovative solutions
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower risk, fewer replacements
  • Long-term reliability

A World Of Support

Whether the application is power transmission or cathodic protection, our customers can depend on a two million dollar working inventory.

Computer databases ensure precision control. Customized programs closely match our stock to your company’s individual needs for the consistently reliable just-in-time delivery.

Field-Proven Reliability

Integrated Corrosion Companies has provided quality materials and equipment for power transmission and cathodic protection applications for:

  • Oilfield: drilling, production, and offshore
  • Pipeline
  • Petrochemical and Rubber
  • Aggregate
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Utilities
  • Chemical, Pulp & Paper
  • Mining
  • Food and Beverage